Camp Not Found

Feral staff has put together a park day event due to camp having a 403 - Forbidden status in 2020 and 2021. Feral! 2021 - 404 Camp Not Found will be located at High Park at picnic site #23 on October 2nd from 1:30pm to 7:30pm, where you can hang out with your friends! 

Given our current situation with 404 - Camp Not Found, we ask that you BYOF (bring your own Feral). Bring something along with you that reminds you of Feral or makes Feral special to you and share those good vibes when you arrive!

Registration is not required to attend our 404 - Camp Not Found park day event, we're simply offering registration as a donation option. By registering you'll be helping support Camp Feral and you will get an exclusive Feral 2021 - 404 Camp Not Found badge with your fursona name made by Eevachu, so you don't have an empty spot in your badge collection! Badges will be made available at the event.

If for some reason our park day event also is 403 - Forbidden, we will mail your badge to you. Given that registration is not mandatory and is only a donation, registration will not be refunded in the event that our park day is cancelled for any reason.

Thank you very much for supporting Camp Feral!

Please note that in addition to the Camp Feral Code of Conduct, there are a few additional rules for this event as requested by Toronto Parks and Recreation.

  • No amplified music, megaphones or microphones.
  • Park in designated parking areas only, parking on grassy areas is not permitted. 
  • All access roads are restricted to park staff only.
  • No beach or patio umbrellas. 
  • Nothing tied to trees.

Feral's Smallest Registration Form Ever

  • Get an event badge made by Eevachu!


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